F  L  Y   T   I   G   E   R

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About Us

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FlyTiger Bio

FlyTiger is a future-soul group currently based out Nevada City, CA. The group is comprised of musicians from Washington, D.C. to Atlanta, GA to California. Fully formed in 2018, members include:  Alvetta Newby-Jones -lead vocal, Neil Layton -keys, DJ Fossil -1's and 2's, Eric Bevel -bass, Richard Jones -drums and percussion.


What Inspires Us

FlyTiger is inspired by all things that uplift and promote positivity in the lives of all people. Equality, inclusion and peace on every level must be obtained and maintained if we are to survive in this glorious world that is so remarkable to even exist.  


• •• ••• UPCOMING SHOW ••• •• •

Catch us Aug 31st at the Clock Tower on High Street in Auburn, Ca, as part of the Auburn Arts Commission summer music series.

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